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                                                                        PUBLIC AUCTION

                                                             Saturday, March 28, 2015 @ 9:00 AM

                                           Klecknersville Rangers Volunteer Fire Company Banquet Hall
                                          2718 Mountain View Drive * Bath, Northampton Co., PA 18014

One Portion of this auction will be dedicated to an extension collection of books
many coming from the private library of a stately home in Historic Bethlehem, PA.
Listed below are numerous titles, etc.


Art & Fashion: Vanity Fair's Portfolio of Modern French Art; 4 miscellaneous volumes of Costume & Fashion by Herbert Norris, illustrated; The Practical Book Of Interior Decoration by H.D. Eberlein, A. McClure & E.S. Holloway, illustrated, 1919; Wyeth At Kuerners 1976-Collection of Andrew Wyeth's work; The Art Of Walt Disney, ca. 1970 (rough); The Porcelain Art of Edward Marshall Boehm by Reese Palley, 1976; John James Audubon by Margot Kean Cleary; Audubon Birds of America-50 Selections w/commentaries by Roger Tory Peterson; Albert Bierstadt Painter Of The American West by Jordan Hendricks, 1988; Children's Books: Wag & Puff by Marjorie Hardy, illustrated 1931; Dr. Seuss books; The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley, illustrated by Ethel F. Everett, copyright 1930; 4 volume set-Bobbsey Twins; The Snow Queen & Other Stories From Hans Andersen w/illustrations by Edmund Dulac; The Story of Babar The Little Elephant, Random House, copyright 1933; Raggedy Andy Stories written & illustrated by Johnny Gruelle, 1960; Practical Treatise On Automobiles, illustrated, edited by Oscar C. Schmidt-volume 1, 1910 ed; Major & The Kitten by Helen Hoke, illustrated by Diana Thorn, 1941; Little Folks Of Other Lands by Watty Piper, illustrated by L.W. & H. Co Holling, 1943; Set-My Book House by Olive Beaupre Miller-8 volumes; The Big Book Of Real Trains by Elizabeth Cameron, illustrated by George J. Zaffo, 1977; History: History of Slavery & The Salve Trade by W.O. Blake, compiled, 1860; Pictoral History Of The Civil War by John Laird Wilson, copyright 1878 (binding rough); War In The Phillipines-Life & Glorious Deeds of Admiral Dewey by Joseph L. Stickney, illustrated (binding rough); The Photographic History Of The Great World War; The World War in Photographs Uncensored; (WWI), copyright 1934 (binding rough); 4 volumes - Pictoral History Of the 2nd World War, published by William H. Wise & Co., NY, 1946; Collier's Photographic History Of The European War, 1915; The War-An Intimate History 1941-1945 by Geoffrey C. Ward & Ken Burns; 2nd Volume-The Spectator, leatherbound, London 1777; The History of the Reign Of George III To The Termination Of The Late War by Robert Bissett, LLD 1803-volumes 2, 3, 4 & 6 of 6 (incomplete); A Short History Of Pennsylvania by L.S. Shimmel, 1910; Movie Lot To Beachhead-The Motion Picture Goes To War by the editors of Look, first edition 1945; History Of The Johnstown Flood, illustrated by Willis Fletcher Johnson, 1889; Anniversary History Of Lehigh County Pennsylvania in 3 volumes, 1914; The Sinking Of The Titantic, edited by Logan Marshall, 1912, illustrated; Howard Pyle's Book Of The American Spirit, edited by F.J. Dowd, 1923; A Compilation Of The Messages & Papers Of The Presidents 1789-1897 by J.D. Richardson (volumes 1 & 8); Caricature-The Wit & Humor Of A Nation - special edition, illustrated; Roosevelt's African Trip by F.W. Unger, illustrated, 1909; Theodore Roosevelt's Letters To His Children by J.B. Bishop, 1919; 2 volumes - Our Islands & Their People published by N.D. Thompson, 1899; (2) 19th C volumes Animate Creation: Mammalia (volume 1) & Birds (volume 2) by Reverend J.G. Wood, fully illustrated(binding rough); The Life & Professional Career Of Emma Abbott - The Queen of Song by Sadie E. Martin, 1891; Pennsylvania Dutch & Other Essays by Phebe Earle Gibbons, 1882; Indian Why Stories by Frank B. Linderman, illustrated by Charles M. Russell (The Cowboy Artist) copyright 1915; Tiryns-The Prehistoric Palace Of The King Of Tiryns by Dr. Henry Schliemann, 1885; Rome painted by Alberto Piso, text by M.A.R. Tuker & Hope Matteson, published 1905, illustrated; Four Hours A Year Picture Book Story of Time Inc. - The March of Time, 1936; The United States Navy From The Revolution To Date by Frances J. Reynolds published by P.F. Collier & Sons, copyright 1917; The Story Of The American Indian by E.S. Brooks, copyright 1887; The Old Houses Of Shrewsburg H.E. Forrest, 1920; Native Nations by Edward S. Kurtis, first edition, 1993; American Furniture From The Kaugman Collection by J. Michael Flannegan (unopened in original wrapper); Peter Karl Faberge by H.C. Bainbridge; Native American Myths & Legends, edited by C.F. Taylor, 1994; WWI magazines-Leslies; Literature: The Works Of Shakespeare, leather bound; Set-6 volumes The Works Of Charles Dickens published in NY by Collier; older set of Dickens Works (incomplete); The Works of Charles Dickens, 19th C, illustrated, published by Colliers; Bible Heroines by Harriet Beecher Stowe, illustrated, copyright 1878; Imperial Woman by Pearl S. Buck, 1956; Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell-complete edition; The Courtship Of Miles Standish by H.W. Longfellow, illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy, 1903; Eight Cousins by L.M. Alcott, illustrated 1889; Elbert Hubbard's Scrapbook published by The Roycrofters, 1923; The Blue Bird by Maurice Maeterlinck, illustrated in color, 1911; My Lady Nicotine-A Study in Smoke by J.M. Barrie, illustrated by M.B. Prendergast, copyright 1895; set - Little Journeys To The Homes Of The Great by Elbert Hubbard, published by The Roycrofters, 1916; In King Phillip's War by Frederick A. Ober, illustrated by J. Watson Davis, 1907; Routledge's Sagacity Of Animals, illustrated by Harrison Weir, London; 6 volumes - The Classic & The Beautiful From The Literature of 3000 Years, copyright 1892; A Treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan, copyright 1941; 6 Classic by Victor Hugo; Set of 6, The August Stories by Jacob Abbott; Portfolio-Espana Tipos Y Trajes; Paperback- Hol' Up Yo' Head written & illustrated by Herb Kruckman, 1936; Rebel Song Book 1935; Lake Okeechebee by A.J. Hannon & K.A. Hannon, first edition 1948; Forget Me Not, 1839; Smoky by Will James, illustrated, copyright 1926; 1913 Little Journeys To The Homes of Great Lovers by Elbert Hubbard, published by Roycrofters; Mr. Daniels And The Grange by Sloane & Anthony
Poetry: Cyclopaedia Of English Poetry by Thomas Campbell, Esq., 1879, leather bound; 19th C. Milton's Poetical Works edited by Sir Egerton Brydges, Part., illustrated 1869, leather bound; Farm Ballads by Wil Carleton, illustrated, copyright 1882, leather bound; older books on poetry: The Seven Seas by R. Kipling, Brett Harle's Poems, The Token, Poems For Little Men & Women
Other: Portraits Of Philadelphia Gardens, 1929, Louise Bush-Brown & James Bush-Brown; The Gift Album w/bookplate by Reading, PA Artist E.A. Howell w/personal inscription Oct. 1860 to his sister Melissa; 50 Super Stars compiled by John Kobal, 1970s; Brief Bird Biographics, J. Fletcher Street, copyright 1933; Where Did Your Garden Grow by Jannette May Lucas, illustrated by Helene Carter; Wildflowers Of America-Flowers Of Every State In The Union, illustrated, 1894 (binding rough); Chateau and Country Life in France by Mary King Waddington, 1908, illustrated; Catalog-Central Auto Supply Co Catalog-9th Annual; Faces of Destiny-Portraits by Yousuf Karsh, copyright 1946; Best Cartoons Of The Year 1945 edited by Laurence Lariar; selection of books on Civil War History, Native Americans & Classic Autos, China (country); Picturesque American, leather bound-volume 2, edited by W.C. Bryant, illustrated, copyright 1874; Norman Rockwell - Artist & Illustrator by Thomas S. Buechner, copyright 1970; The Bird Book by Neltje Blanchan, illustrated; Splendors of Meiji Treasures Of Imperial Japan, etc.; numerous other books on Native American, flowers, rocks, plants, collecting, Jade, Pottery & Porcelain, Glass, Widdling & Woodcarving, silver pewter, ladies handbags; older books on birds, wildflowers, butterflies, botany, etc.
Ephemera: scrapbook-Spy illustrations; 1950s scrapbook: California, San Francisco, British Columbia; photographs & ephemera relating to Bethlehem, PA: (2) G.A. Conradi Studio prints; black & white views of Bethlehem; Life magazines & commemorative items for Apollo Space Program; souvenir book 1950-Queen Mary's Carpet; etc.

Terms: 13% Buyer's Premium * Credit Cards Accepted * 3% Discount w/Cash or Prior Approved Check * Multiple Auctioneers Selling * WATCH FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON FURNITURE, GLASSWARE, CHINA, ETC.


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